The Restaurant is not too far the famous Hermitage of San'Alberto of Butrio. The abbey have the name of its founder Sant'Alberto Abate, whose relics rest to the inside guarded by the hermits of Don Orione. The construction of the Romanesque church had beginning in 1030 for work of the family Malaspina, in sign of thankfulness towards Sant'Alberto, which, according to the legend, had recovered the child of the marquis. In the arcade before the cloister, an urn in stone is preserved that seems it was the first burial of the King Edoardo II of England. It's tell that him sought refuge in the hermitage, escaping the assassins sent by his wife, and there it died. To this version of the facts, not confirmed by some historical ones, the book "Edward, The Mystery of the King of Auramala" of the Australian writer Ivan Fowler is inspired; a charming novel set in this region, that brings the reader to imagine as these places appeared around 700 years ago.
From 1923 to 1964, Monk Ave Maria from Ortovero (SV) lived here, conducting a life recognized extraordinary for holiness, prayer and penitence.
Six Km far from the Restaurant it rises the Castle of Oramala, also it built by the noble family Malaspina in the same period. It is a small fortress built on a spur of rock that suffered in the years different adjustments to the use of the artillery. Recently restored by the family Panigazzi it has now opened to the visits and center of cultural meetings.
For the trekking, we recommend "The ring of Sant'Alberto", trail of great suggestion for the crossed natural environments as the valley of the Rio Begna, rivulet that has dug his run in the sandstones, rich of sea fossils.