To the Restaurant Sant'Alberto is possible to taste the best of the typical kitchen of the Four Provinces area, where the Pavia's Oltrep˛ meets the culinary specialties of Piacenza, Genoa and Alexandria. The daily proposed dishes follow the seasonality of the products.
The appetizers of the house identify itselves for the Savoury Pies, the Pizza breads and the Stuffed Pies (among 30 specialties) and the local typical cold cuts as the Salame of Varzi, the Salame Sant'Olcese and the Coppa Piacentina. Easily, the appetizers can be accompanied by Testaieu, Fried dumpling Pasta or Bread Pizza with Olive Oil.
They are always in Men¨ the Ravioli di Brasato and the Ravioli di Borragine. It cannot miss, exceptions excepted, the Trofie al Pesto Genovese and the Pansoti alla Salsa di Noci. Also the Risottis follow the seasonality and therefore they will be proposed, for example, the Risotto Vogherese, the Risotto with Strawberries, the Risotto with Uva and Pancetta and the Risotto with Pumpkin and Salciccia.
Among the seconds, they never miss the Veal or Pig Roast, cooked according to the recipes typical of the area. Also the wild game is proposed seasonal, often with Polenta. Particularly tasty and appreciated the roast called Asado, that is a Roast Calf cooked according to an Argentinian recipe imported by the migrant ones returned in Genoa. Only on demand or on the occasion of festivity, it is possible also to taste some recipes of Fish as the Cappon Magro, that it is a dish of Fish and Vegetables seasoned with Green Sauce.
Also pastry specialties are often conditioned to the use of the products of season and they include the Apple Cake, the Pears and Chocolate, the Cake with orange cream, the tarts with house's Jam, but also the Pandolce Genovese.
Wines are selected with the collaboration of the Wine cellars of the area and they include therefore the best proposals of the Oltrepo' Bunting and outskirts. They never miss the Bonarda, the Barbera, the Buttafuoco and also the Gutturnio. Other wines are seasonally proposed; among the others, particular rarities.